Cottonwood Farm is a certified organic fruit orchard.  Our farmer and orchardist, Stacy Nelson-Heising believes that each farm is a unique individual and that it is her job to nurture her farm’s distinctive personality by using organic and Biodynamic® growing methods.


In our orchard, gardens, and farmyard you will see a wide mixture of plant and wildlife.  Our apple trees grow alongside alfalfa, native prairie flowers and grasses, dandelions and what most people consider to be weeds.  This assorted plant life attracts pollinators.  You’ll see scores of butterflies and bees that call Cottonwood Farm home.  We encourage birds to make nests in our fruit trees.  Our resident birds offer great natural pest control.  We will have a peck on an apple from time to time, but we don’t have chemical residue on our apples.


Biodiversity in plant life, wildlife, and soil life helps us craft a more flavorful apple with a concentrated taste that represents our farm’s special “terroir.”  Terroir is a French concept recognized by wine producers and chefs.  Terroir gives mention to a farm’s particular climate, soil type and growing conditions and is the unique spirit of the land and farm.  By using organic growing methods Stacy is able to make Cottonwood a chemical-free farm that produces chemical-free produce.  In addition to organics Stacy uses Biodynamic® preparations and follows Biodynamic® principles.  She is able to care for our farm’s individual terroir, something Stacy believes in.


                               Prairie restoration growing in the orchard.


                                          Yellow Transparent Apples


                           Enjoying a sunny day at Cottonwood  Farm.


       Dandelion, weed to some, important plant to Biodynamic® growers.



This looks pretty interesting!  Peanut the Pug checking out a cow horn that has been emptied of Preparation 500, unearthed at Cottonwood Farm. We make several of our preps at farm.


Stacy and Heather making barrel compost. All of the Biodynamic® Preparations 502-507 are placed into stirred cow manure, eggshells, and basalt clay. The mixture is then put in a large wooden barrel, covered, and ferments until it has turned into compost.








Wearing white and ready for winter.  Another Biodynamic® technique employed at Cottonwood is tree paste made with kaolin clay, fresh Biodynamic® cow manure and preparations 500 and 508.  We protect our apple trees with Biodynamic® tree paste.  Tree paste nourishes and shields young trees from drying winter winds and harsh sun that causes damaging sunscald.  It also helps us fight fungal diseases.


For more information about how we grow at Cottonwood Farm, contact Stacy at stacy@cottonwoodciderhouse.com.


Orchard Manager

Stacy Nelson-Heising

tel. 701.866.9913


Cider House Manager

Daniel Heising

tel. 701.866.9168



“A nice country drive 45 minutes NW of Fargo, ND, easy to find with paved roads taking you to Cottonwood Farm"

Cottonwood Cider House | 14481 25 Street Southeast |  Ayr, ND | 58007


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