Cottonwood Cider House Finds a Home!


After much consideration, Dan and I decided to remodel an existing building on the farm and make it our cider making facility.  This building was built in 1976 and it used to house my dad’s farm equipment.  These days, it has been sitting almost empty after my dad retired from grain farming.  This building is 60x60, has steel walls and a nice concrete floor.  Since we wanted to keep some of the building for machinery storage, the decision was made to build a dividing wall between the cider house and the storage area.  It’s like having a building inside of a building!  The work began January 2017.  Our new cider house took shape unbelievably fast.  The walls were framed, insulated and sheetrocked. The electricians have laid wiring.  Concrete was removed and now we’ve got a very nice trench drain.  We even have a heavy-duty electric overhead door.  The walk-in cooler waits for us to assemble it and the sinks are on stand-by awaiting the plumbers.  The first phase of the build was completed by the end of March 2017.  We are now waiting for warmer weather to finish up.  There’s still painting, sealing the floor, septic and plumbing, finishing the electrical work, and putting siding on the outer wall.  The equipment arrives July 2017.  Our TTB paperwork has been filled out and submitted.


Whew!  We have been busy.

We are only going to getting busier!


*Check back for more photos and cider house updates.  I’ll be sharing more news and photos once the work resumes on the facility.*   


We strive to raise healthy apples, grown in the manner that is healthiest for our planet, organically and biodynamically.  We want to make amazing hard cider, have fun while doing it, and craft our hard cider together.

Orchard Manager

Stacy Nelson-Heising

tel. 701.866.9913


Cider House Manager

Daniel Heising

tel. 701.866.9168



“A nice country drive 45 minutes NW of Fargo, ND, easy to find with paved roads taking you to Cottonwood Farm"

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